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A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about my realization that we take time for granted.  I made mention of some things that I’m doing, even though I don’t have the luxury of time on my side.  So, as hard as it has been for me, I have had to let go of some things that hurt me deep down in the very center of my being, only to find that it really wasn’t that big a deal to begin with.

Things are only as large and hurtful as I allow them to be.  I have realized that people can only have as much control over my life as I allow them to.  (Common denominator:  ALLOW).  I told a friend last week that I was no longer going to have a pity party in my life.  And I’m not.  She’s been writing about life and the things we go through in order to restore ourselves.  I’ve been on the road to this restoration for the past few months and I can’t tell you how GREAT this transformation has been for me.  I have a greater appreciation for LIFE, and for the things I’m blessed with daily.

One of the biggest things is I am no longer holding on to hurtful things from my past.  They are just that, the past.  I am still climbing the mountain of forgiveness though… forgiving others and myself.  Others because of things they may have done to me that I believed to be wrong, and myself for all manner of things.  Some things in my control, and some not.  I am working on this daily… trying to move forward with my life and not allow myself to stagnate in a negative place.  After all, isn’t the ultimate goal in life to be happy while we are here?  Each day that I wake is a blessing for me.  It’s another opportunity for me to live my life to the fullest, to enjoy what God has given me.  It may not be the life of my dreams, but guess what, it’s still a pretty darned good life.

We make a conscious decision each day as to how we will proceed.  Our attitudes are a direct reflection of that decision.  Happy, sad, good or bad.  It’s our DECISION.

What decision have you made about your life today?

Just a random thought….